Lakeshore Game Night is a board game rental and home delivery service . We deliver games like Pizza Hut delivers pizza. We have a collection of classic games, as well as several newer ones, and games for all experience levels.

Currently, we service Muskegon County, and parts of Oceana and Ottawa counties.


“Great board game recommendations from a guy who knows his stuff.” – Seth DeHaan

“Awesome way to have a get together and have fun with your friends!” – Adam Liske

“Do you wanna variety of board games or just want to try a different game other than your classic board game? Check out Lakeshore Game Night! Film at 11.” – Alex Leafi

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New Roleplaying Website in the Works

My interests in gaming have shifted quite dramatically. Although, I still enjoy board games, I find that my attention is pulled more towards roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Which admittedly could be a good or bad thing for my wallet. What I like about roleplaying games is that it lets me use my … Continue reading New Roleplaying Website in the Works

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