Lakeshore Game Night is a board game rental and home delivery service . We deliver games like Pizza Hut delivers pizza. We have a collection of classic games, as well as several newer ones, and games for all experience levels.

Currently, we service Muskegon County, and parts of Oceana and Ottawa counties.


“Great board game recommendations from a guy who knows his stuff.” – Seth DeHaan

“Awesome way to have a get together and have fun with your friends!” – Adam Liske

“Do you wanna variety of board games or just want to try a different game other than your classic board game? Check out Lakeshore Game Night! Film at 11.” – Alex Leafi

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*Wanted* GMs for Halloween Event

Last year I did a Halloween party, it was a lot of fun, and the attendance was more than I would have ever expected. Granted about half the people attending were friends and family, but it was an impressive turnout either way. We had the event at The Bardic Wells Meadery in Montague. I’m friends … Continue reading *Wanted* GMs for Halloween Event

RPG Storytelling; and Why I am Loving It

This post is a bit self interested, then again most blog posts are, but seriously I just really wanted to write about Fate Core/Accelerated and RPGs in general. I am currently obsessed with the idea of playing tabletop RPGs. I have very limited experience playing them. As a player I’ve sat in on two D&D … Continue reading RPG Storytelling; and Why I am Loving It

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